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Teresa Joaquim
Elena Pulcini

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"We … propose that the epistemological and methodological approach to the field of Women’s Studies in Portugal must have a point of departure: from the concept of the inappropriate character and the misplaced subject, similar to the one of Antigone as defined by Butler: “she is out of the polis, but in a way she is a foreigner without whom the polis couldn’t have existed” (2000: 19)." Teresa Joaquim

"The second heading that I propose as a way to try to define the contaminated subject is a concept that is a sort of recurring leitmotiv in my research: that is to say the concept of passion.
In this context I take the idea of ‘passion’ to be the very dimension, the very place in which that openness is produced, in which that wound is opened, that cut that I spoke of earlier; in short, the place where that desire for contamination and contagion originates, which exposes the subject to loss of the Self, and where loss of the Self does not mean, mind, Selflessness, sacrifice, relinquishment, but an opening of the confines as the essential condition for opening up to the Other, or rather to the desire of the Other (what I call "passion for the other")." Elena Pulcini