Situated Knowledge

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Biljana Kašic
Iris van der Tuin

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“With regards to the ‘situated’ context we are not only ‘currently unevenly situated between two historiographic discourses: discourses of the post and the trans’, as Radhakrishnan points out in relation to postcoloniality (2000: 38), but with some certainty ‘in-between’, more at the threshold of ‘the West’, although without any clarity of ‘secure’ positioning.” Biljana Kašic

"‘Situatedness’ in my view refers both to an empirical reality we as (feminist) scholars should necessarily deal with, and to a theoretical concept. This concept has a long history in feminism, feminist philosophy, and feminist theory, and as such can be traced back to for instance, or at least, Simone de Beauvoir (1949)." Iris van der Tuin