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Joan Anim-Addo
Giovanna Covi

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"In adopting Goodison’s ‘cross-over griot’ figure, my intention is to highlight a particular travelling subject for whom the ‘crossing’ is one of violence remembered (in a particularised mix of history and collective memory) and specifically the gendered body at risk. In this encounter, race cannot be ignored. Indeed, two differentiated notions of race may be flagged. The first privileges black / white distinctions effectively utilised during the colonial era in which much of Europe is implicated, while central to the second is the mixture of races or métissage primarily a result of that encounter." Joan Anim-Addo

"Race is an awkward yet necessary concept, I argue; I believe the conceptcannot be ignored nor substituted with the term ethnicity if we want toattend to changing modes of racism, even those that use only implicitlyracialized terms and images of race (see Paul Gilroy, 2000). Toni Morrisonreminds me that the liberal gesture to ignore race enforces the black body'sinvisibility through silence to produce its 'shadowless participation in thedominant cultural body' (1990: 10). My commitment is to deconstruct thediscourse of racism by articulating a gendered discourse aimed at addressingracial complexity and multiplicity." Giovanna Covi