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Assimina Karavanta
Melita Richter

indicative quotes

"The local and the global should not be rethought for the sake of better defining them but for the sake of those oppressed and obliterated in the wake of their forces. The undocumented immigrants that remain un-representable and unconstituted at the heart of the metropolises and the industrial centres of the developed countries and the throng of asylum-seekers are two illuminating examples that reveal the perversity and complexity of borders." Assimina Karavanta

“The so-called stable migration going through ‘family unification’ is a process responsible for a constant rise in numbers of immigrant women and their underage children. Numerous obstacles stand in the way of their integration into the new society: the language barrier; prejudice; the social invisibility of foreign women; their new ‘domestication’; professional disqualification; and coerced collective identity enforced by mono-ethnic associations.”
…[O]ften there is a professional de-qualification accompanying the migratory process, which mostly hits the female migratory universe”. Melita Richter