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Liana Borghi
Enikő Demény
Päivi Korvajärvi
Sabine Grenz
Ulla M Holm
Theodossia-Soula Pavlidou
Veronica Vasterling

indicative quotes

"I use an interdisciplinary approach that combines geo-political and transnational feminisms, postcoloniality, questions of migration, displacement, exile, identity, racism and homophobia with techniques of literary representation." Liana Borghi< /P>
"For me the question is how can disciplinary knowledge be integrated in an interdisciplinary framework/practice and how can interdisciplinary practice inform disciplines?" Enikő Demény

"...what does it mean ‘that interdisciplinarity can only work when one is firmly grounded in her discipline'?" Sabine Grenz < /P>

"I see at least three forms of interdisciplinarity relevant to gender studies. In the first form one is firmly rooted in a traditional discipline and involved in occasional multi- or interdisciplinary cooperation with researchers from other disciplines. A second involves research and teaching in a multi- and interdisciplinary field of knowledge and ‘borrows’ or transforms methods from older disciplines and may even create new methods due to new challenges of the field in such a way that it constitutes a neodiscipline. The third one transgresses not only Humboldtian disciplines, but also barriers between the Academy and other institutions, movements, cultures, nations, a-, post- or transdiciplinarily." Ulla M Holm

"…‘interdisciplinary travelling’ of concepts clearly means different things in different contexts... it is important for me to analyse how concepts travel from texts to the research tools of analysing the activities of concrete people, or cultural phenomena, in society... it is important to reflect on how an analysis or a research process changes the content of concepts." Päivi Korvajärvi

“And, perhaps, this is the key to interdisciplinarity, but also to the idea of travelling concepts, i.e. understanding the practices that lie behind a discipline or a concept”. Theodossia-Soula Pavlidou

"...the difference between feminist studies and gender studies consists in the former's deliberate and reflective attempt to be critical and politically engaged... critical thinking in this day and age needs to engage in interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary dialogues." Veronica Vasterling