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Josefina Bueno Alonso

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"Feminist theory is thus confronted with a social discourse which prevails in France and in other European countries which have a large Maghrebian population: the vindication of an identity different from the European hegemonic identity (Braidotti, 1994: 10), marked by belonging to a different religion and affected by difficulties of integration, xenophobia, etc. Consequently, women’s discourse suffers from various internal and external tensions which make it more and more difficult to ‘be a woman’, ‘define oneself as a woman’, and ‘identify oneself as a woman’... Another important point is the analysis of the gender perspective which may be arise from a fuller consideration of the situation of French Muslim women, meaning those born and brought up in France, and who possess full French citizenship. In this case, the definition of gender conflicts with the acceptance of the ‘Other’, from an ethnic perspective." Josefina Bueno Alonso