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Joan Anim-Addo
Giovanna Covi

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"My main concern, to interrogate creolisation as a discursive space into academic and political thinking on race, includes a preoccupation with the navigation and inclusion of black women’s theorising voices. By black women, I refer in this instance, to black ‘crossover griots’ in the European context." Joan Anim-Addo

"We must follow the invitation of ‘The Bill of Rights for Racially Mixed People’ and ‘create a vocabulary’ in order to give visibility to the unrepresented, because ‘self-labelling is empowerment. It is a proclamation of existence’ (Maria P. P. Root, 2002: 365). This proclamation of existence—for races, genders, and sexualities demanding representation—must surely be uttered in the ‘crossover griot’ advocated by Joan Anim-Addo, which plainly makes us see that ‘Europe becomes blacker / but it was always dark you know … European Black folks … the children of mixture— / die Mischlingen / bambini di sangue misto / the crossover babies. / … number in the millions’ (Cliff, 1985: 108)." Giovanna Covi