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Dasa Duhaček
Melita Richter
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The issue of citizenship I see as inextricably woven through with questions of identities and differences in its primary - if not the only - practico-political form, but in keeping with Hannah Arendt’s work definitely extending the concept of the political beyond the narrow format of political participation." Dasa Duhaček

“[M]y point of departure considers citizenship as a process and not simply as an outcome. It is therefore not limited to the analysis of the normative for the same reason that citizenship indicates much more than passive holding of rights; it involves an active engagement with the political institutions and the broader social arena. Citizenship is also co-citizenship, meaning that it can only be exercised from within a collective more societal than communal”.
… However, it is important not to forget the deep-rooted inequalities that undermine many citizenship rights of those who are considered other and non-citizen and are positioned on the margins of society, as usually happens to an immigrant population
… [T]here is no way of forging active citizenship without responsibility.” Melita Richter