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Elena Pulcini
Eva Skærbæk

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"What I propose is to take the concept of care away from the ‘maternalistic’ point of view, represented by Gilligan. I would like to release the concept of care from that inevitably altruistic and selfless meaning that it ends up taking on if it remains linked to the maternal dimension. Instead, I would like to propose a meaning of care that is intimately triggered by my notion of contaminated subject ... From my perspective, care is not to be understood as something that derives from the attitude of putting the other first, typical of maternal psychology, but as the answer to a need for the Self: for a Self exposed to contamination.
In other words, care is the answer for a subject conscious of its own "wound" (to take up Bataille’s lexicon), its own openness, its own vulnerability and dependence." Elena Pulcini

"Bodily - i.e. personal - knowledge is often, at least in the area of care, mistaken for or confused with what I call ’the tyranny of intimacy’, the result being either repudiation or replacement. In other areas it can be used to ’soften’ the hard facts of truth. This makes women a co-worker in the production of a dogmatic and traditional discourse that does not recognise the bodily and situational knowledge produced contextually by both parts of the relation" Eva Skærbæk