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Silvia Caporale Bizzini
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"The use of both philosophers (Foucault and Gramsci) as a theoretical base to move on towards a more complex system of analysis has allowed me to widen my field of research and define more reliable teaching tools to carry out what Henry Giroux calls ‘a discourse of possibility’ (Hernández, 1997: 10) in the understanding of a complex subject. This subject, as Elspeth Probyn suggests, is: ‘a combination of acetate transparencies: layers and layers of lines and directions that are figured together and in depth, only then to be rearranged again. As such I see the self as material evidence of our fluctuating being as women; as a concept, this self designate a combinatoire, a discursive arrangement that holds together in tension the different lines of race and sexuality that form and reform our senses of self (1993, 1-2. My emphasis)." Silvia Caporale Bizzini