Ulla M. Holm

Ulla M. Holm lives in a small town, near Göteborg in Sweden. She will be appointed professor in interdisciplinary Gender Studies at the Department for Gender Studies, Göteborg University 1 January 2006 after having been a visiting professor there for six years. She held a national associate professorship in Gender equality research with a focus on Philosophy 1995-1999 and a post.doc in Umeå in Women´s Studies 1994-95.

She has activist roots in the women's movement in the 70ies, reflected in a text about consciousness-raising. Her academic discplinary roots in Practical Philosophy resulted in a feminist philosophical thesis on Mothering and Praxis in 1993.

She participates with PhD student Mia Liinason in an EU-project: Changing Knowledge and Disciplinary Boundaries Through Integrative Research Methods in the Social Sciences and Humanities. www.hull.ac.uk/researchintegration

She is a member of different councils related to feminism and Gender Studies: AOIFE - The Association of Institutions for Feminist Education and Research in Europe; IAPh - Internationale Assoziation von Philosophinnen, CGGS - Center for Global Gender in Göteborg (as scientific advisor) and takes part/has taken part in, organizes or coorganizes their conferences, such as:

· Gender and Citizenship in a Multicultural Context, 6th European Gender Research Conference, University of Lódz, Poland, 31 August - 3 September 2006 www.gender2006.pl

· Human good - dignity, equality and diversity, 11th Symposium of the International Association of Women Philosophers (IAPh) Göteborg, Sweden from 17-19 June 2004 www.iaph2004.com

· Negotiating Gender Justice, Conference 28th February - 2nd March 2005, Göteborg University, Sweden. www.cggs.gu.se/conference


Selected publications

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Om samtal- en nordisk antologi, Ed. Holm, Ulla M, Alingsås, Ad tendere, 2002.

"Community, autonomy or both: feminist ethics between universalism and contextualism" In: Commonality and particularity in ethics, Eds.: Alanen, Lilli, Heinämaa, Sara, Wallgren, Thomas, New York, McMillan, 1997

"Paradoxical Conditions for Women's Studies in Sweden" in Women's Studies - from institutional innovations to new job qulifications'. A cross-European comarative study on degrees and institutionalisation of Women's Studies in Europe, and the qualifications and professional outlets of Women's Studies graduates. Eds.: Nina Lykke, Christine Michel, Maria Puig de la Bellacasa, University of Southern Denmark, 2001

"Common sense - att utgå ifrån eller sträva mot: Hannah Arendt om omdöme i mörka tider" Ord och Bild, 1-2, 2002

"Can envy be a moral emotion?" In: Philosophical aspects on emotions, Ed. Carlson, Åsa, Stockholm, 2005