Päivi Korvajärvi

Päivi Korvajärvi lives in Tampere which is the third largest city in Finland. She has MA and PhD degree in social sciences (Social Psychology) from the University of Tampere, which concentrates on society and social issues in its research. She has been working at the University of Tampere in the Research Institute for Social Sciences since 1982 until 2002. In 2002 she started as Professor in the Department of Women?s Studies in the same university.

Päivi's own research can be divided into three overlapping areas of studying doing gender and gendering practices in work and labour: culturally routinized meanings of femininities in clerical and white-collar work; women in an information society; and gender, trust and social capital in different social communities of work. She has done mainly qualitative research and conducted extensive ethnographies in different organizations in service sector. Her teaching consists of introductory course in Women?s and Gender studies, courses for the MA students and supervision of doctoral students. Her publications include:

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