Luz Gómez-García

Luz Gómez-García (Madrid, 1967) was graduated in Arabic Studies at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid where she received her PhD in 1995 with a thesis on modern Islamic political theory. She has carried on her research at the American University in Cairo and the Institut Française des Études Arabes at Damascus.

She is actually a senior lecturer at the Universidad de Alicante (Spain). She teaches Arabic-Spanish translation and modern Arabic thought in the Faculty of Arts. Her research is focused on Islamic discourse on power and ideology (Marxismo, islam e islamismo. El discurso de Adil Husayn , Madrid, 1996; Diccionario de islam e islamismo, Madrid, 2006) and its unfolding within post-colonial and globalized contexts (“La tercera vía del islamismo egipcio”, Meridiano-CERI, 1998; “Islamismo y reislamización. Conexiones y disfunciones”, Revista de Occidente, 2004). She has analysed Arab women’s poetics face to the rupture with the tradition on twentieth century Arabic poetry (“Un siglo de poesía árabe escrita por mujeres”, MEAH, 2001) and now is carrying her research on new feminist epistemologies through an Islamic parameter.

She’s involved on activities in solidarity with the Arab people and has been editor of the Nación Árabe review.