Liana Borghi

Liana Borghi is a tenured researcher at the Università di Firenze where she teaches Literature in English within a degree course in intercultural studies. She started working on women writers and international feminisms while doing PhD work at NYU in the 70s and continued her research on the North American 19th century feminist novel as a visiting scholar at Harvard in the 80s. A founding member of La Libreria delle Donne in Florence (now in its 30th year as bookshop, information and cultural center), she co-founded in 1985 the lesbian publishing house Estro, in 1994 the lesbian division of WISE (Women’s International Studies Europe), in 1996 the Società Italiana delle Letterate (Italian Society of Women in Literature), and in 2000 its summer school, “Raccontar/si”, which she still directs. A founding member of Florentine lesbian groups, she is also the founder of the Centro Studi GLTQ, a national association dedicated to the dissemination of queer cultures. Proud of having translated Adrienne Rich’s poetry and Donna Haraway’s prose, she has also written essays on Mary Wollstonecraft, XIX century ethics, women travellers and woman's fiction, feminist SF, women in modernism, lesbian fiction and theory. Collections of essays from the summer school can be found in Visioni in/sostenibili: Genere e intercultura, eds. Clotilde Barbarulli and Liana Borghi (Cagliari: CUEC, 2003); Figure della complessità: Genere e intercultura, eds. Liana Borghi and Clotilde Barbarulli (Cagliari: CUEC, 2004). A third volume, Forme della diversitá: genere e intercultura, is in print.