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Josefina Bueno Alonso
Marina Calloni
Luz Gómez-García
Therese Garstenauer
Clare Hemmings
Eva Skærbæk
Veronica Vasterling

indicative quotes

"In 2001-2003 I investigated what kind of knowledge and competence is expressed, recognised and developed at a psychiatric hospital, in a ward for patients aged 13-18. My findings indicate that knowledge produced by women is acknowledged as female and ‘soft’, in the sense that it is valued as necessary in certain areas (care, social work) but relatively undervalued in comparison to biomedical knowledge." Eva Skærbæk

“.. the concept of knowledge as a set of situated, embodied practices actually functions (more or less) as a critical, counterfactually universal standard in feminist gender studies.” Veronica Vasterling