Josephine Wilson


Josephine Wilson is a PhD Student at the London School of Economics (LSE) Gender Institute, studying multiple trans subjectivities. She is on the editorial board of the Graduate Journal of the Social Social Sciences and webmistress for Her recent publications include "What Do Lecturers Wear?!" in Jennings, K (2005) One Teacher in Ten and she lectures regularly in the UK and Europe.

She is also a performer working across multiple mediums producing work on gender and sexuality - including dance, music, performance art, film amongst others. She performs and helps put on shows regularly in the UK and throughout Europe. She appears in Inge Blackman's (2006) recent film, Fem, in Zemirah Moffat's (2006) Mirror, Mirror and in Jason Barker's (2006) film on trans people and the National Health Service. For information on forthcoming live performances and more information on all of her activities visit