Josefina Bueno Alonso


Josefina Bueno Alonso is Senior Lecturer in French Studies at Alicante University where she teaches French literature and is particularly interested in gender issues. Over the last few years, she has lectured on the literature and culture of French-speaking countries and her main focus of research is on francophone women writers , especially in the Maghreb. Her most recent publications, which analyse postcolonial and gendered discourse in a francophone context, include ‘Escritoras magrebíes de expresión francesa’ (Francofonía, 1996), ‘La re-presentación de la mujer oriental’ (Belleza escrita en femenino, 1999), ‘Identidades enfrentadas: Mujer y Maternidad en el Magreb’ (2004), or ‘Femme, Identité, Écriture’ (Thélème, 2004).