Iris van der Tuin


Iris van der Tuin is a PhD student and junior teacher in Women's Studies at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. Her PhD project is on European Women's Studies and new feminist epistemologies. Provisionally the dissertation is entitled "Doing Gender." So far, Iris has published mainly in Dutch. Her publications include texts on Donna Haraway (her Companion Species Manifesto) and Karen Barad. As she is amongst the Dutch younger feminists that are spoken of as the next generation, she has also published on the state of the art of Dutch (academic) feminism. At the tenth anniversary of the European Journal of Women's Studies she has presented thoughts on this in English, and these were printed in the journal (Feminist Theory in Intergenerational perspective with renee c. hoogland and Petra de Vries). When it comes to her job as the coordinator of WeAVE - incl. the student forum of Athena - she has published in the Athena Volumes together with colleague and friend Anna Moring from Helsinki University (The Christina Institute). In the Travelling Concepts panel Iris has been mainly involved in organizing 'European Gender Chronologies' together with Clare Hemmings from LSE. This involved a two-day workshop (March 2005) funded by the British Council and the Dutch Science Association. It had 30 participants from the Netherland, Brittain, Belgium, Finland and the United States. The workshop took place at Utrecht's Science Museum.