Giovanna Covi

Giovanna Covi wrote a thesis on Sylvia Plath when she earned her laurea in American Literature at the University of Venice in 1975, thus inaugurating her joint engagement with feminist activism and literary theory.

In the 1980's she went to the US where she obtained a Master of Arts and a PhD in English at SUNY Binghamton with a dissertation on contemporary women writers and feminist theory. In 1999-2000, she was Affiliated Scholar in the Women, Gender and Sexuality Center B. Bain, at the University of California at Berkeley.

Her research interests concentrate on US and Caribbean literature, with a specific focus on feminist and postcolonial theory and an interest in literary translation.

Among her publications are: (ed.) Modernist Women Race Nation (2005), (ed.) Critical Studies on the Feminist Subject (1998), (ed.) Voci femminili caraibiche e interculturalitÓ (2003) and Jamaica Kincaid's Prismatic Subjects: Making Sense of Being in the World (2003); she co-edits with Tobe Levin Feminist Europa: Review of Books.

At the University of Trento she teaches American Literature and Gender Studies; as a founding member of the SocietÓ Italiana delle Letterate, she has contributed since its beginning to the Summer School Raccontar(si) on gender and interculture; in Trento she is committed to fostering cultural and political activities aimed at developing intercultural dialogue and full citizenship for all types of diversities.