Eva Skærbæk

Danish citizen, live since 1993 in Norway

Work: Associate Professor at Østfold University College, Faculty of Health and Social Studies in Ostfold, Norway. Teaching also at Oslo University, Faculty of Theology

Basic academic degree: Cand.theol from Aarhus University, Denmark (1972). Dr.theol Oslo University, Norway (2001). The title of my thesis is: WHO CARES, Ethical Interaction and Sexual Difference

My latest research was a two-year field study at a psychiatric ward. The report is in Danish: Anerkendelse, Frihed og Faglighed ( Recognition, Freedom and Professionality), 2003. An article in English, based on this Study, has been published in NORA: It takes two to tango. On Knowledge production and Intersubjectivity, 2004. Soon to be published: Treat and threath, Ethical Dilemmas in Qualitative Research

My research and teaching explores the complexity of ethical dilemmas determined by the structures and norms of our society, of which I am especially challenged by the hidden ones. The main interest being how embodied interactions (and structures) are influenced by differences in sex, power, race, age and position.

Skippergaten 16, 1630 Fredrikstad, Norway