Dasa Duhacek

Dasa Duhacek received her BA in Philosophy from the University of Belgrade. Her MA is in Women's Studies and her PhD in Political Science, both from Rutgers University.

She taught at Central European University (CEU) in Budapest (1997-1999), and at Novi Sad, Serbia, Kotor, Montenegro, State University New York, Swathmore College, USA, for the NOISE Athena Summer School, Inter University Center (IUC), in Dubrovnik and elsewhere.

Dasa Duhacek is a co-founder of the Belgrade Women's Studies Center and Gender Research Center (1992), where she is now one of the Coordinators. She currently teaches at the Political Science Department of the Belgrade University. Her fields of research are feminist theory, philosophy, and political theory.

She has organized several international conferences all in Belgrade, Serbia: What Can We Do for Ourselves? East European Feminist Conference, 1994; Inaugural Conference: Women's & Gender Studies in the Countries in Transition, 1998; The Legacy of Hannah Arendt: Beyond Totalitarianism and Terror, 2002.

Her recent publications include Captives of Evil: The Legacy of Hannah Arendt co-edited with Obrad Savic, 2002, and "The Making of Political Reponsibility: The Case of Serbia" in eds. J. Regulska, J. Lukic and D. Zavirsek, "Feminist Perspectives on Democratization in Serbia" Signs 2006 (forthcoming).