Clare Hemmings

Clare Hemmings is Senior Lecturer in Gender Studies and Gender Theory at the London School of Economics and Political Science, UK. She has been an active part of UK, US and European Gender and Women's Studies since beginning her MA in Women's Studies at the University of York in 1991. She has a PhD in Women's Studies from York as well, using that location as a base for graduate study in The Netherlands and the US. Since finishing her graduate work, Clare has taught in London, at the University of North London (now London Metropolitan), Goldsmiths College and now the LSE. She is dedicated to helping academic feminist work flourish in Higher Education nationally and internationally, which is the motivation for her ongoing involvement in both Athena, the FWSA (Feminist and Women's Studies Association, UK and Ireland), of which she is currently co-chair, and Feminist Review (the longest-running journal collective).

Clare's own research can be divided into three overlapping areas of inquiry concerned with gender and sexuality studies: critical practices and histories; patterns of institutionalisation; and issues in cultural translation. She was co-editor of the first UK anthology to theorise bisexuality, The Bisexual Imaginary (1997), and guest editor of a special issue of Sexualities, 'Stretching Queer Boundaries' (1999). Her doctoral research was subsequently published as Bisexual Spaces: a Geography of Gender and Sexuality (2002). More recently, Clare has written several articles on the critical practices of feminist and cultural studies, and further work in this area will be published in her forthcoming book Telling Feminist Stories.