If you would like to further explore the idea of travelling concepts, check out the companion series of four short booklets: Travelling Concepts in Feminist Pedagogy: European Perspectives (York, UK: Raw Nerve, 2006).

Each booklet is based around a cluster of specific ideas, and is written by a different sub-group from Travelling Concepts. Using varied collaborative methods they highlight the tensions, pleasures and responsibilities of developing an effective and radical feminist pedagogy that attempts to be truly European.

The Booklets

Teaching Subjects In Between: Feminist Politics, Disciplines, Generations
Therese Garstenauer (coordinator), Josefina Bueno Alonso, Silvia Caporale Bizzini, Biljana Kašić, Iris van der Tuin.
ISBN: 0-9553586-3-9; 978-0-9553586-3-0
read a short excerpt from Teaching Subjects (pdf file)

Common Passion, Different Voices: Reflections on Citizenship and Intersubjectivity
Eva Skærbæk (coordinator), Dasa Duhaček, Elena Pulcini, Melita Richter.
ISBN: 0-9553586-2-0; 978-0-9553586-2-3
read a short excerpt from Common Passions (pdf file)

Practising Interdisciplinarity in Gender Studies
Veronica Vasterling (coordinator), Enikő Demény, Clare Hemmings, Ulla Holm, PäiviKorvajärvi, Theodossia-Soula Pavlidou
ISBN: 0-9553586-1-2; 978-0-9553586-1-6
read a short excerpt from Practising Interdisciplinarity (pdf file)

ReSisters in Conversation: Representation Responsibility Complexity Pedagogy
Giovanna Covi (coordinator), Joan Anim-Addo, Liana Borghi, Luz Gómez García, Sara Goodman, Sabine Grenz, Mina Karavanta.
ISBN: 0-9553586-0-4; 978-0-9553586-0-9

The Publisher

Raw Nerve Books is an independent small press that works collaboratively with authors, and has a particular interest in developing non-standard content and format within feminist academia.
It was only when thinking about what the group might usefully publish together that we were confronted with the sheer uniformity of most publishing arenas, with academic publishers usually not being prepared to takes risks on collaborative, creative and innovative work, particularly with respect to design.
In contrast, we worked closely with Raw Nerve’s editor Ann Kaloski, and designer Hilary Doran, and in the spirit of Travelling Concepts collaborated not only on the content of the booklets, as would be expected, but also their form. We had many lively debates about the cover graphics, and being encouraged to think about the internal design was especially productive: each book’s textual format is intended to reflect their particular representation of speaking and learning across politically-charged difference, with all the gaps and textual breaks that this implies.

W: www.rawnervebooks.co.uk
E: post@rawnervebooks.co.uk
A: Centre for Women's Studies, University of York, York YO10 5DD, UK.


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